Business and event catering in Offenbach with Lofthouse catering

Lofthouse Catering is based in Offenbach

Offenbach am Main, a city with a rich history and cultural diversity, is the proud home of Lofthouse Catering. Since 1996, Lofthouse Catering has been synonymous with excellent catering in the region and beyond. In this post, we would like to give you our Business- and Event catering in Offenbach and give you an insight into the vision and experience behind Lofthouse Catering.

Our story and founders

The story of Lofthouse Catering is closely linked to our founder, Maikel Kling, connected. With over three decades of experience in catering, Maikel Kling has impressive expertise in the area of culinary services. The idea for Lofthouse Catering was born in 1996 with the vision of a mobile cocktail catering service. Since then, the company has continued to develop and expand.

Maikel Kling is not only an expert in the catering industry, but also a passionate visionary. His vision and the shared vision of Lofthouse Catering is: “Simply the best!” This philosophy covers every aspect of our work, whether in selecting our service providers, suppliers, employees or products. Our goal is to achieve excellence in every detail.

Business catering in Offenbach

Lofthouse Catering offers tailor-made business catering in Offenbach. Our service is aimed at companies that value high-quality culinary experiences. Whether you want to impress business partners, pamper employees or host business meetings, our business catering offers you the perfect solution.

Our menus are carefully curated and offer a wide range of options to meet the needs of your business. We understand the demands of business life and offer flexibility in planning and implementing your catering event.

Event catering in Offenbach

Our event catering in Offenbach is designed to make your events unforgettable. Whether you are planning private parties, weddings, corporate events or public events, our team of experienced experts is here to help. We not only offer first-class culinary delights, but also professional and dedicated support for your event.

With Lofthouse Catering, you can be sure that your event is in good hands. Our many years of experience, passion for catering and commitment to excellence make us your ideal partner for business and event catering in Offenbach. We cordially invite you to discover and experience our services. Let us make your next event unforgettable together, because at Lofthouse Catering, we always say: “Simply the best!”

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