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Frankfurt am Main, arguably Germany's most important financial metropolis, impresses not only with its imposing skyscrapers and historic sights, but also with its diverse culinary landscape. The city is home to a wide range of restaurants, cafés and food stalls that cater to all tastes and preferences.

Frankfurt's culinary landscape

Frankfurt's culinary scene is characterized by a mix of traditional German cuisine and international influences. From hearty hand cheese with music to exquisite star restaurants - every foodie gets their money's worth here. The city is also proud of its cider bars, where Hessian cider can be enjoyed in a cozy atmosphere.

The importance of catering in Frankfurt cannot be underestimated. Catering companies play a crucial role in events of all kinds, from small family gatherings to large corporate events. Not only do they offer first-class food, but they also help ensure that events run smoothly and that guests are completely satisfied. The variety of catering services in Frankfurt reflects the high demand for high-quality food.

Traditional Frankfurt specialities and catering offers

Frankfurter sausages and cider catering

Frankfurter sausages and cider are two indispensable components of the local culinary scene in Frankfurt. These traditional specialities are often served at events and celebrations, whether at trade fairs, weddings or corporate events. The offer of Frankfurter sausages and cider catering Frankfurt is diverse and offers something for every taste.

Die Frankfurter sausages are known for their unique taste and high quality. They are suitable both as finger food on bar tables and as a main course together with hearty sauerkraut. The cider rounds off the culinary experience and adds an authentic Frankfurt touch to every catering offer.

Green sauce and its presence in event catering

Another traditional dish that should not be missed in Frankfurt is green sauce. This fresh herb sauce made from seven herbs is a true classic and also has a firm place in event catering. Die green sauce It is often served as a dressing for salads, dip for vegetable sticks or as a side dish with meat and fish.

The versatility of green sauce makes it a popular element in event catering. It gives dishes a fresh touch and goes well with both traditional and modern dishes. With their healthy recipe and the intense taste is green sauce an addition to every event.

International cuisine: variety for events and celebrations

Mediterranean catering options

Frankfurt am Main offers a wide range of catering services that offer Mediterranean specialities. From delicious Spanish paella to Italian antipasto to Greek gyro - the diverse options will inspire your guests. Fresh ingredients, aromatic herbs and traditional recipes make for an unforgettable taste experience.

Whether you are planning a summer party or would like to design your wedding in Mediterranean style, the Mediterranean catering options in Frankfurt offer you authentic dishes and professional serviceto make your event a success

Asian and oriental catering services

If you want to surprise your guests with exotic flavors and exciting dishes, Asian and Oriental catering services are the perfect choice. From spicy Thai curry to Japanese sushi to oriental mezze platters - the A variety of tastes will enrich your event. Die artfully presented dishes Let your guests dive into faraway culinary worlds.

Die professional catering teams are specialized in implementing your individual wishes and offering you an unforgettable taste experience. Whether it's a company party, birthday party or family celebration — Asian and Oriental catering services in Frankfurt ensure a unique culinary journey.

With such a wide selection of dishes and specialties, it is important that you tell your guests in advance about possible allergens provide information to ensure that all meals can be enjoyed safely and delightfully.

Innovative catering concepts in Frankfurt

Food trucks and pop-up catering

Food trucks and pop-up catering are an emerging trend in Frankfurt's catering sector. These innovative concepts offer a diverse selection of food and drinks that are freshly prepared and served on site. The flexibility and creativity of these mobile units make it possible to appear at various locations across the city and offer a wide range of culinary delights.

Food trucks and pop-up catering are particularly popular at events such as festivals, trade fairs or company parties, as they create a casual atmosphere and offer guests an authentic taste experience. The variety of offerings ranges from street food and burgers to international specialties and vegetarian/vegan options.

Sustainability and organic catering offerings

Sustainability and organic offerings are another significant development in Frankfurt's catering sector. More and more catering companies are focusing on environmentally friendly practices such as the use of biodegradable tableware, sustainable ingredients from the region and prevention of food waste.

The demand for sustainable catering solutions is constantly increasing as consumers and event organisers place increasing value on environmental protection and a healthy diet. This development is reflected in a wide range of organic catering services, which guarantee both high-quality and environmentally friendly food.

With growing awareness of environmental and health issues, the importance of sustainable and organic catering offerings in Frankfurt is becoming increasingly important. Companies that recognize this trend early on and implement appropriate concepts can gain a decisive competitive advantage.

Adapting to customer requirements and nutritional trends

Vegetarian and vegan catering options

As part of our catering service in Frankfurt, we offer a variety of options for vegetarian and vegan dishes. Our menu includes creative and tasty vegetarian delights that are also suitable for vegans. We attach great importance to to meet the needs of our customers and to take into account trendy diets.

Our experienced chefs have expertise in preparing dishes from fresh, high-quality ingredients and also give vegetarian and vegan dishes a special touch. In this way, we can ensure that our vegetarian and vegan catering options are not only healthy and balanced, but also delicious.

Allergy-friendly and individualized catering

Our catering service in Frankfurt also offers allergy-friendly and individualized options for customers with special dietary requirements. We take Allergies and intolerances are very serious and adjust our catering accordingly to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all guests.

Our team works closely with customers to understand their needs and preferences and a to provide a tailored catering experience. By taking individual wishes and requirements into account, we can ensure that every guest of our catering service in Frankfurt experiences an enjoyable and carefree event.

Further information about our allergy-friendly and individualized catering is available on request.


The future of catering in Frankfurt

The future of catering in Frankfurt promises to be an exciting development. With a steadily growing range of international dishes and innovative concepts, catering services in Frankfurt will continue to offer a wide range of options for events of all kinds. The demand for catering services is constantly increasing as more and more companies and private individuals value high-quality food that is individually tailored to their needs.

Another important aspect for the future of catering in Frankfurt is sustainability. More and more catering companies rely on regional and seasonal ingredients to reduce environmental impact and contribute to environmental protection. Through creative concepts and the integration of sustainable practices, catering in Frankfurt will continue to play an important role in the city's gastronomic scene in the future.

Summary of culinary diversity

Frankfurt's culinary diversity is a treasure that is appreciated beyond the city's borders. From traditional cider bars to exotic street food stalls, Frankfurt offers a wide range of dining experiences for every taste. The variety of restaurants, cafés and food stalls reflects the cultural diversity of the city and makes it a culinary hotspot in Germany.

Frankfurt offers not only traditional German dishes, but also international specialities from all over the world. Frankfurters' openness to new culinary trends and influences makes the city a melting pot of tastes and aromas. This diversity is an important part of Frankfurt's identity and contributes to the attractiveness of the city as a gastronomic destination.

More information about this summary could include the specific culinary highlights of Frankfurt's various districts as well as recommendations for visitors looking for culinary discoveries. It would also be interesting to address current trends and developments in Frankfurt's restaurant scene in order to provide a comprehensive overview of the city's culinary diversity.


Q: What culinary diversity does Frankfurt offer?

A: Frankfurt offers a wide range of culinary delights to suit every taste. From traditional German dishes to exotic international specialities, there is something for everyone.

Q: What catering services are offered in Frankfurt?

A: Frankfurt offers various catering services that offer a variety of culinary options for events of all kinds. From finger food and buffets to upscale menus, everything is possible.

Q: How can I choose the best catering for my event in Frankfurt?

A: To choose the best catering for your event in Frankfurt, you should first consider your culinary preferences and requirements. Then you can compare different caterers, sample their menus, and read reviews to make an informed decision.

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