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Importance of sustainability in today's gastronomy

The importance of sustainability in gastronomy has steadily increased in recent years. More and more people value environmentally friendly and socially responsible business practices, including when it comes to catering for events. Sustainability in hospitality includes not only choosing foods, but also using environmentally friendly tableware, reducing food waste, and supporting local producers.

Selection criteria for catering providers in Frankfurt

When choosing a catering provider in Frankfurt, various criteria play an important role. In addition to the quality of food and service, it is particularly important today to sustainable practices to respect. Responsible use of resources, the use of regional and seasonal ingredients and the ability to meet individual needs are decisive factors that should be considered when choosing a catering provider.

More criteriaThat can play a role when choosing a catering provider in Frankfurt include transparency regarding the origin of the food, flexibility in menu design and the provider's experience in dealing with sustainable concepts. A trustworthy catering partner should be able to meet your requirements while making a positive contribution to the environment.

Benefits of sustainable catering

Positive environmental effects

Sustainable catering in Frankfurt offers numerous positive environmental effects. By using regional and seasonal ingredients, the CO2 footprint is reduced as shorter transport routes are used. Sustainable caterers also use biodegradable packaging and avoid disposable tableware, thus avoiding trash and plastic waste.

Sustainable caterers also value the responsible use of resources such as water and energy. By using organically produced food and the concept of zero-waste catering, they make an important contribution to environmental protection and sustainability.

Health aspects

The health aspects of sustainable catering should not be underestimated. Organically grown food contain fewer pesticides and pollutants, which has a positive effect on consumer health. In addition, sustainable catering often involves fresh and high-quality ingredients which promote a balanced diet and increase well-being.

Sustainable caterers also pay attention to the special nutritional needs of their customers, for example through vegan, gluten-free or lactose-free options. This ensures a healthy and balanced diet for all guests.

Sustainable catering practices

Regional and seasonal ingredients

An essential part of sustainable catering in Frankfurt is the use of regional and seasonal ingredients. By purchasing seasonal products from the surrounding area, not only can the freshness and quality of the food be guaranteed, but the ecological footprint can also be significantly reduced. By not transporting products far away, emissions are reduced and the local economy is strengthened.

With regional and seasonal ingredients In catering, you actively contribute to environmental protection and at the same time support local agriculture. In addition, thanks to the use of fresh and high-quality ingredients, the dishes can impress your guests in the long term.

Waste minimization and recycling

Another important aspect of sustainable catering in Frankfurt is Waste minimization and recycling. By carefully planning meals and portions, food waste can be reduced. Leftover food is ideally collected and donated to charitable organizations to strengthen social responsibility. In addition, the use of disposable tableware is avoided and reusable alternatives are used instead.

With these Waste minimization and recycling measures Catering makes an important contribution to environmental protection and supports a sustainable circular economy. By avoiding waste and using resources efficiently, environmental impact can be minimized.

More Information on waste minimization and recycling in catering This also includes training personnel in handling waste and working with specialized disposal companies to ensure proper recycling.

Costs and profitability

Long-term financial benefits

By using sustainable catering in Frankfurt, you can achieve long-term financial benefits. Costs can be saved by using regional and seasonal ingredients and using environmentally friendly packaging. Sustainable catering also helps to improve your company's image in the long term and attract new customers.

Investments in sustainable catering also pay off through lower operating costs, as resource-saving measures increase efficiency. The savings through waste prevention, energy efficiency and water saving can longterm be significant and increase the profitability of your company.

Comparing costs: Traditional vs. sustainable catering

A comparison of costs between traditional catering and sustainable catering shows that initially traditional catering options may have lower costs. However, it is important to note that longterm sustainable catering can be more cost-effective. The savings through waste reduction, energy efficiency and use of regional resources can lead to a positive balance.

It is crucial to consider the overall costs and long-term benefits of sustainable catering to make informed decisions. Even though the initial costs may seem a bit higher, the long-term financial benefits and positive effects on the environment and the company cannot be ignored.

How to find the right sustainable catering company

Certifications and Awards

When looking for the right sustainable catering company in Frankfurt, you should definitely pay attention to certifications and awards. certifications Such as the organic label or the fair trade seal can give you clues as to whether the company is pursuing sustainable practices. Companies that are certified for environmental and quality standards show a committed commitment for sustainability.

Feedback from customers and references

Another important aspect of choosing a sustainable catering company is that Feedback from customers and testimonials. Read reviews and testimonials to get insight into other clients' experiences. Search for companies with positive customer feedback in terms of quality, service and sustainability efforts. Reliable references give you trust in choosing the right company.

Furthermore, you should not hesitate to ask for references if they are not publicly available. Personal experiences other customers can help you to better assess the credibility and quality of the sustainable catering company.

Conclusions and final thoughts

When deciding on sustainable catering in Frankfurt, you should consider several important factors. Sustainable catering helps to reduce environmental impact and helps protect natural resources. By choosing a sustainable catering company, you show your commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

However, there is also negative effects of unsustainable catering, which must not be ignored. The use of disposable tableware, food waste and high energy consumption can have serious consequences for the environment. By choosing sustainable catering, you are making an important contribution to protecting our planet.

Another important aspect is the The health and wellbeing of your guests. Sustainable catering generally offers healthier and freshly prepared food that is free of harmful chemicals and additives. Your guests will appreciate the high-quality and sustainably produced food.

Finally, it is important to stress that sustainable catering in Frankfurt is a future-oriented decision. By choosing a sustainable catering company, you are supporting an industry that is committed to environmentally friendly practices and ethical standards. Your choice for sustainable catering will not only enrich your event, but will also have a positive impact on the environment and society.


Q: Why is sustainable catering important?

A: Sustainable catering is important to reduce environmental impact, conserve resources and make a positive contribution to climate protection.

Q: What are the benefits of sustainable catering in Frankfurt?

A: Sustainable catering in Frankfurt offers the opportunity to use regional and seasonal products that have been produced in an environmentally friendly way. This helps to support the local economy and improve the quality of food.

Q: How can you choose sustainable catering in Frankfurt?

A: You can choose sustainable catering in Frankfurt by choosing catering providers that pay attention to sustainable practices, such as using biodegradable tableware, preventing food waste, and promoting recycling efforts.

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